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Modern-Day Lewis and Clark Unconventional Guide

    She’s done it again. Nora Dunn, aka The Professional Hobo has written another fact-filled, value-filled book. She knows what she’s talking about. Dunn used to be a financial adviser, so on her website you’ll find her paying it forward with responsible advice for folks who want to keep on traveling indefinitely. The new […]

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Free accommodation around the worldhile house sitting

Nora Dunn’s New Ebook: How To Get Free Accommodation Around the World, is Out!

  In the world of travel blogging, Nora Dunn, aka: The Professional Hobo, is one of the big shots, the queen of solo travel, a veteran with experience and savvy galore – and well deserved, too, after her amazing seven years on the road traversing the globe. And I know her new book will soar […]

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House sitting for immersion and remote travel

Starting a Freelance Writing Career? Here Are My First Three Years

In 2010, I retired from my career as a shop-at-home window treatment saleslady. Yes, I was that person that arrives at your home with the van-full of samples for blinds and drapery. I was good at it and now often miss seeing the fabulous homes. Here are some photos from my portfolio.       […]

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SEO Analytics – Do You Follow the Numbers or Follow the People?

Round World Discussions: Making money while traveling may involve maintaining a website. These days, that’s an affair that can be extremely involved if you believe SEO experts. I try my hand at the technical aspects, employing some tidbits – like guest blogging which enable linkbacks to my site – and ignoring others – like spinning […]

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Make money while house sitting around the world

Make Global Money

“One segment of the workforce has seen an explosion in growth… even in this terrible economy! Yes, in the backwash of all this bad news there is one outstanding bright spot: Freelancing.” So says Winton Churchill at Barefoot Consultants, a website dedicated to assisting world citizens in finding rewarding work online. The site is good […]

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Sell photos while house sitting and traveling

Make Money With Photography

Eighteen and a half million images. That’s how many digital images are on display at shutterstock.com today. Three years ago, the number was seven million images. The trend in selling your photos on stock websites is not growing – it’s exploding! Here’s how it works: You submit photos to one – or all – of […]

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First Time Here?

This website is about house sitting. It’s okay if you don’t know what house sitting is. It’s explained here along with the many exciting and adventurous things that surround the world of house sitting. What is House Sitting? House sitting is an exchange: homeowners who need their house tended to, get matched up with people […]

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