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Homogenous Population

Is the World Becoming One Homogenous Population?

Australians flock to America. Cheaper airfare has caused an 81% increase in travel to the U.S. by Australians in 2011. Other reasons include a stronger Australian dollar and young professionals seeking opportunities overseas. In this Round World Discussion, 5 savvy chicks give their take on this important question.   It’s definitely heading towards a homogenous […]

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Immersion Travel in the Tirolean Dolomites

Stealing — or — Follow the Golden Rule. Maybe both?

I stole a knife from Gasthof Locher in Italy for a planned picnic and hike later that day. Just as I was sneakily dropping the knife into my purse, Frau Weifner, the proprietress entered around a corner and our eyes met. I know she saw me steal but she remained gracious as ever, never uttering […]

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House sitting and immersion travel in Spain

Say Hello, Then Start a Story. The Art of Conversation.

Travelers — and anyone really — need to enhance their time by conversing with a wide range of people. As we roam about the planet or cocoon on a sofa, don’t we all long for conversation? Don’t we want to engage, laugh, have a good time and make friends with people? If we’re lucky, those […]

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Immersion travel in Australia while house sitting

What Does Fear Mean to You?

Have you gone hot air ballooning? Or how about bungee jumping? Are those wild activities on your usual fear-pushing to-do list or does merely checking in at the airline ticket counter get your adrenaline pumping? Adventure is adventure because there’s risk involved. Travelers get a rush from accomplishing a great adventure – whatever that means […]

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House sitting in Spain

How Does Travel Affect Your Thirst for Knowledge?

  Travel opens my eyes to politics, cultures and events around the world. I pay more attention now to all things happening and feel an urgency to keep up because I feel more a part of the world. The three contributors for today all took a different tack – one purely about family values, the […]

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House Sitting Travel

SEO Analytics – Do You Follow the Numbers or Follow the People?

Round World Discussions: Making money while traveling may involve maintaining a website. These days, that’s an affair that can be extremely involved if you believe SEO experts. I try my hand at the technical aspects, employing some tidbits – like guest blogging which enable linkbacks to my site – and ignoring others – like spinning […]

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