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How Much Does it Cost for Eight Months of Travel Around the World?

      When I tell people Conrad and I traveled around the world for eight months, they invariably think we must have an overflowing bank account. But in reality, taking a trip of this magnitude is less expensive than you may think. In this post, I’ll list all the costs, along with the grand […]

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Stay Extra Days with Your Homeowners and Make Lifelong Friends

October, 2016, I rang the doorbell on a charming Galmpton Village home, high on a hill overlooking lush horse fields in southern England. Pretty terra cotta pots brimming with flowers and vines perched on every surface, creating a fragrant obstacle course to the front door. I marveled at how we came to be here. Two […]

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Everything You Need to Know About House Sitting Delivered in a Summit over the Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

    Get your free ticket here   House sitting is my thing. And I want it to be a thing for many more people. I’m a house sitting crusader! What I have experienced through this low-cost way to travel the world is more than I ever dreamed. Conrad and I have saved tens of […]

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House Sitting in Denmark

Don’t Call it a Vacation: This is Living on the Road

This year Conrad and I are traveling for eight months. Two years ago we spent two months in Spain, and in 2010, we set out on an adventure that lasted three years. I travel with intention that is often misunderstood. What I do is not a vacation. Seeing new lands and experiencing cultural differences pulls […]

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Has House Sitting Changed?

  In 2009, wide-eyed and anxious, Conrad and I won our first house sitting assignment. “We’re going to Denmark!” I said. And during the first two weeks we were there, eating meals in the lush backyard garden, we kept gleefully stating, “We’re in Denmark!” We’re pretty simple people. Not rich. Not prone to staying up […]

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House Sitting Sites Evolved: A Review of

It has been six years since Conrad and I joyfully applied for our first house sitting assignment online. Back then in 2009, was the oldest and largest platform for matching up house sitters to homeowners. Ian White of launched his innovative site in October 2000 and is still going strong. The format Ian […]

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Full-Time Travel: How is it Financially Possible?

In the three years I’ve been writing this blog there has been huge growth in numbers of full-time travelers – and those who dream of full-time travel. The dreamers gain inspiration from the many gorgeous websites and talented bloggers who show us what a life-changing experience full-time travel really is. So the question shows up […]

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New Trend in House Sitting: The Ultra-Short Assignment

I admit it. I read all the house sitting assignments that come through my email each day. It’s an obsession. Six years ago, when Conrad and I first found out about house sitting, I remember clamoring to get my hands on a computer, so I could look up house sitting match-up sites. As soon as […]

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House sitting iin Denmark immersion travel

Home Exchange vs. House Sitting: Which is Right for You?

House sitting is my passion and I enthusiastically embrace the role as its champion. There’s simply no better way to travel and truly learn about the world. House sitting suits each party – homeowners gain peace of mind knowing their home and pets are looked after and travelers have a free place to stay. We’re […]

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What is Your House Sitting Quotient? Take this Questionnaire

There’s no doubt about it — house sitting is a fabulous way to see the world on the cheap. You incur no cost for lodging while spending weeks or months at a time in the country of your dreams. You delve into the local culture, make friends with locals, learn a new language and expand […]

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Close to Home: Surprisingly Rewarding for House Sitting

Most of the time, house sitting and travel to far-off lands go hand-in-hand. After all, house sitting means you can travel farther and longer – I preach it constantly. But it’s not the only way to reap the benefits of house sitting. There is another way to approach the whole philosophy of free lodging. Why […]

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Don’t Ignore This One Action if You Want to House Sit

It’s unanimous. Every house sitter agrees. There is one vital action you must take when applying for house sitting assignments. So if you slack on having the greatest profile photo, or in getting that third letter of recommendation, okay, but you can’t ignore this one action. Without it, you will not be house sitting. Here […]

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Immersion house sitting in tuscany

One Guaranteed Tip to Win the House Sitting Assignments You Want

My goal here at is empowering people to succeed at house sitting. To that end, I have written blogs about aspects of the whole process, such as creating a really fantastic profile and understanding the language of house sitting. What I want to talk about this time is the one sure-fire way to catch […]

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Should You Apply to More Than One House Sitting Assignment at a Time?

Maybe you’ve been house sitting for a while or just venturing into these waters. Either way, knowing how to navigate through the process can help immensely in your overall success. I do want you to know up front that the process of seeking out and finding the right house sitting assignment can take several months. […]

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Trusted Housesitters Survey Results & House Sitting Tips Survey Results & House Sitting Tips Earlier this year, house sitting website surveyed its ever-growing base of members, both house sitters and homeowners. The statistics that have come back and the feedback from both home owners and house sitters has been very interesting and the good news is there’s some clear pointers […]

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Integrity and House Sitting

There is a disturbing trend in house sitting lately. House sitters are reneging on their commitment to take an assignment. How is that happening? Here’s the scenario: A house sitter accepts a house sitting assignment, but then they find a “better” assignment, reneging on their commitment to the first homeowner. The house sitter leaves the […]

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The Language of House Sitting – What does “Variable Dates” mean?

So you’re interested in house sitting and you spend some time looking through the posts for house sits — like the one above. Most of them have dates that tell you when the assignment starts and ends, May 15th to July 20th, for instance. But then you see some that don’t have a start and […]

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When choosing where to house sit, should you try a remote location?

If you’re anything like me, you drool over the posted house sitting assignments on match-up websites like The places! The photos! Wouldn’t you love staying in a romantic and charming French country estate or a rugged Australian outback boutique farm complete with small herd of cattle? Or a thatched-roof hut in Fiji? What would […]

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Remote house sitting in Italy

Create a Successful Profile to Win the Best House Sitting Assignments

To become a house sitter, here is the short list of how to begin: Number 2 on that list is to post your profile. It’s one of the first things you do on the road to becoming a house sitter, and in my opinion, one of the most important. It’s the first impression of you. […]

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Set Your Criteria Before Searching For a House Sitting Assignment

If you’re on the hunt for house sitting assignments out there in the world, then you know they vary wildly. Where should you begin? With a tiny apartment in London, a farm in the Australian Outback, or a stone house overlooking the hills of Tuscany? What are the differences and what will work for you? […]

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House Sitting in Spain

The Pros and Cons of House Sitting

I firmly believe that everything in life is a trade-off. Here’s my take on the Pros and Cons of house sitting:   It’s true that house sitting is a responsibility to watch over someone else’s home. There’s no daily maid to make your bed with newly starched sheets. No one to cook your meals. And […]

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A Behind the Scenes Look at HouseCarers

            In 2000, Australian Ian White was an aspiring IT worker in what he thought was a secure position. One day a coworker came to him with a personal issue that would soon prove prophetic in Ian’s life. The coworker told Ian about a failed attempt to land a house […]

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Remote house sitting in Italy

Should You Pay for Utilities While House Sitting?

who had purchased THE HOUSE SITTING BOOK from me. (“A wonderful book,” he said. Thanks John!) (Editor’s note: The book is no longer available.) After reading the book, he went through all the correct procedures to land a gig. He lost his desired house sitting assignment over failed negotiations about payment of the home’s utilities […]

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Photo Essay: Our House Sit In Baltimore

This is the nice family we are house sitting for now in Baltimore — and in that house. The family is on a three-year work assignment in Italy. We agreed to 1 and 1/2 years. This is Lancelot. He has a nice big aquarium with a personal swimming pool. On instructions from the homeowners, I […]

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The 350 year-old front door is adorned with hammered metal lion's heads.

Goofy Google

A kooky trend has come to my attention as of late. It sneaked up on me. You know, you’re just going about your days trying to keep up, to outrun the bills and if you’re lucky, make a difference somewhere, somehow. So I write blogs.   Whenever a topic pops into my head, I go […]

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Remote house sitting and immersion travel in Europe

How an Algebraic Equation Saved Our Hides

You know the math you took in school and said you’d never use? Well that’s how I felt about those classes, but Conrad retained the algebra, calculus, geometry and physics lessons. And we’re both glad he did. Here’s what happened: Conrad and I accepted a two month house sitting assignment in Southern Spain for an […]

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Remote living near Sierra Espuna

The Ants on the Clothesline Highway

Living off-the-grid in southern Spain for 6 weeks presented a host of experiences ranging from frustrating to glorious for my husband Conrad and me. Glorious were the dry and warm days – consistent to the point of ho-humness – as in,  Glorious was our swimming pool cut into the mountain rock and in sight of […]

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Immersion Travel while house sitting in Denmark near Copenhagen

Accidental Boot Camp

Have you ever wanted to go on one of those Boot Camps where you exercise like crazy all day, every day, to lose weight and get in shape? I always liked the idea. You smash the whole experience into a concentrated session of “no pain, no gain.” Let’s just do it and get it over […]

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Adventure travel in Australia's outback

Where Can I House Sit?

When I first heard about house sitting in 2008, the first thing I wanted to know was where! Where in the world can I house sit? I hungrily poured over the websites to read posts from around the globe. Knowing where the assignments are is the first step in wrapping your brain around this fast-growing […]

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House sitting in remote Spain

“It’s Okay if I Die Out Here”

This is going to be hard to write. Admitting these thoughts “out loud” feels too raw, too open, too embarrassing. But the event that triggered these feelings is one I want to share because I can say “house sitting is life-changing,” but this story illustrates exactly how. This story shows how getting pushed to the […]

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