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Momos, Death Avenue, and the New Whitney

You’d think that having spent part of my growing up years on Long Island, living in Manhattan during my wild and crazy 20s, and taken dozens of trips to the city for business and pleasure, that I would know every neighborhood, sight, and attraction. But New York City has evolved – from the 1960s hopeful […]

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Best vineyards

For the Love of Wine

It’s what keeps the economy chugging in Spain’s Catalonia – and they’re pretty darned passionate about how to grow the grapes.   Grapevines “You make together – the plant with the wire,” says Joan Raventós, an exuberant restaurateur and vineyard owner whom I met while touring Europe. He trudged ahead of me down one row […]

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House Sitting Travel

My Crazy Science of Pie Crusts

Pies can be savory or sweet and presenting one is always sure to bring on the Ohhs and Ahhs. They’re fun. They’re versatile. And they taste so yummy! Now I fully admit that making pies is not a quick five-minute undertaking, and I never attempted one until after the kids were grown, (except for the […]

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good eats while house sitting

Photo Recipe Basics — Cutting Bread

  Cutting Bread What’s so hard about cutting bread? Well in truth it’s not an earth-shattering issue, but I believe that these little details can make your food preparation more efficient and save you money.  

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Photo Recipe Basics

Photo Recipe Basics: Keeping Leafy Veggies Fresh

  Keeping Leafy Veggies Fresh This tip is so simple, and maybe I’m the one who’s behind the times, but it took me years to refine it to this point. After years of throwing away days-old  wilted vegetables, I finally got smart and combined 1/3 common sense, 1/3 science, ans 1/3 experience.  

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Roasted Red Peppers

Photo Recipes: Roasted Red Peppers


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House sitting in Baltimore

My Love Affair with Kitchens

As a house sitter, I’ve had the great fortune to call many kitchens my own. I didn’t know I would love them so much and indeed some folks have wondered how I could “put up with” all the different stuff people have, or how they arrange their kitchens. Here’s what I have discovered: ~ New […]

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Cooking while house sitting in Spain

Catalan Toast

While house sitting and traveling, Conrad and I have enjoyed some darn awesome food. Sometimes we adopt the recipes into our repertoire of meals. Such is the case with this scrumptious and easy Catalan toast, or as the Catalans say, “Pa amb tomaquet.” At least half of our meals are accompanied by this rustic toasted […]

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While house sitting in Spain, we learned about the phylloxera

Phylloxera – The Bug That Ate All the Wine

Can you imagine no wine from Europe? Impossible! But it almost came to pass in the 1870’s. A bug infestation devastated nearly all the grape vines, until a clever solution was discovered. You know the saying:       Here’s what happened. Tiny root-eating bugs traveled on grape plants from America to England, taken there […]

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