Conrad and I married in 2009 at the ripe old ages of 69 and 55. Our pasts include 3 kids and 5 grandchildren, (Conrad), and 2 kids, (Josie). Here is a list of our major accomplishments, (after being parents, of course!):


DSC_0555*Eagle Scout

*Medical Research Scientist

*Tour Bus Driver

*School Board Member

*Leader in Community Recreation



Josie:House Sitting Travel

*Girl Scout Leader

*Church Youth Group Leader

*Owner of a Garment Manufacturing Business

*Window Treatment Decorator

*Sewing Instructor

*Freelance Writer


In short, we have spent our careers as leaders and helpers in our communities and around the country!


After Conrad’s 30-year medical research career at the University of Michigan, he became a tour bus driver in order to travel. From 1-day casino runs to 30-day round-the-country excursions, he honed his touring skills working with step-on guides and resorts, the needs and personalities of his charges, and altering routes to make the experience better. He is the navigation guru amongst his peers!


I have also covered a wide range of careers and interests. I started my first company at 16 while still in high school and over decades worked it into a garment accessories manufacturing company. Our biggest seller was novelty mittens – with fringe, rivets, shark fins, flowers, printed leathers and colorful trimmings. They were sold to boutiques and department stores through national sales reps, with our largest customer being Jacobson’s Department Stores all along the eastern United States. I consider that time my greatest education into business, finances, negotiations, and myself!


More recently, Conrad’s and my first venture together is as Airbnb hosts. Travelers stay in a bedroom suite in our home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We love meeting folks from everywhere, such as Germany, Netherlands, China, and all over the States. We have been awarded the title, “Super Hosts” by Airbnb. Here is our profile where you can read reviews left by our wonderful and fascinating guests:





Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

We always knew travel would play a major role in our lives. To travel farther and for longer periods, we started house sitting – a rapidly-growing trend amongst baby boomers and young folks alike. The practice is an exchange – travelers get a free place to stay and homeowners gain peace of mind knowing their home and pets are looked after. Those are the nuts and bolts of house sitting, but in reality, the rewards are so much larger than free lodging. House sitters live in a community and truly delve into the culture of a place.


Conrad and I house sit around the world and credit the lifestyle with bringing the world into focus for us. There is no better way to understand peoples around the world than to live in their shoes for a few weeks.

house sitting travel

We loved house sitting in an off-the-grid home on the side of a Spanish mountainside. Here you see the panels that powered lights — and the swimming pool filter!


And finally, as a freelance writer, I spread the word on the wonderful world of house sitting. Here are links to published articles: