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5 Distilled Travel Tidbits From Around the World – July

House sitting and immersion travel

  1. Real live travel agents besting online searches? In a smart move against the massive and confusing internet travel sites, agencies with real live people offer more service, knowledgeable suggestions, and lower prices. Read Seth Kugel’s excellent article, complete with comparisons on itineraries. Would you go back to using a travel agent? I would.

2. July’s Featured Fabulous Foodie Find: Candyality in Chicago. Complete with a 2,000 square foot Life is Sweet Museum, (the dresses in the photo are made completely of candy wrappers), this sweets emporium made its debut in December of 2011. Luscious and arty truffles named after local celebrities cost $1. to $50.

835 North Michigan Avenue,



3. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, 23 nations outranked the U.S. in infrastructure improvements. For instance, China has plans for 50 new airports by 2015, and South Korea has $15 billion earmarked for high-speed rail upgrades. And despite the recent European economic downturns, Spain has completed 43 international airports in the last 20 years. Will knowing this change where you travel?

4. Orbitz recently released a new iPhone app with wider abilities than any other comparable apps. Book flights, hotels and car rentals in one smooth session. No more repeated entries. No more being directed to a new window. As a result, Orbitz’ mobile device app usage is skyrocketing.

5. New York to Beijing in 2 hours? Magnetic levitation could make it possible in the future by transporting cargo and people at 6,500 km/hr through tubes. See a video here.

See you next month! Hope you have groovy travels.

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